Getting sick while doing Yoga


I’m doing Vinyasa Flow yoga for almost 2 weeks. Initially, I felt sick, so I did just 15 min per day. Now I’m 30 min per day, and it was fine until today! I’ve got really sick, almost throwing up…
What can it be? Is it normal? Could be the heat?
When I was feeling like that I stopped and took some rest.

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Hi, Although I have not felt sick doing yoga I have practiced with friends who have experienced that. One friend was overwhelmed by the heat during a hot yoga practice. Another friend was working very hard after having been sick. Both times, they pulled back and allowed themselves a break which seemed to help.


I would say taking a break, particularly during a vinyasa flow class would be sensible. I was in a power yoga class on Weds and an ashtanga class today. In both classes, the build up of internal heat was gradual at first, but all of a sudden I was almost overwhelmed by the heat and had to ease off.

Dropping into child’s pose, drinking some water, catching your breath will all help gets things back under control. Learning to recognise the signs is all important. When you feel like that, take some rest, or take a more straightforward version of a pose than the stronger pose to ease the nausea.


I think people often think that if they take challenging classes early on they will build up strength and flexibility faster. This is what I did, starting with ashtanga - I enjoyed it but soon gave up. It was only when I focused on beginner classes for a three month period, then gradually building up to vinyasa classes which i found relatively simple that I found my strength and flexibility growing. And less chance of injuries too!
I honestly think that focusing on yoga as a practice for mindfulness and peace rather than fitness, you progress better. And will probably take it further in the long run too.
I think if you aren’t pushing yourself hard and this is happening, you should see a doctor about it.

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I love the notion of developing a yoga practice for mindfulness and peace. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Building up through beginner classes is a great way to go. You learn so much about yourself, your limits, what you enjoy through your practice. It lays the foundations for a life practice rather than shorts bursts then stopping through burnout or due to injury.

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