Menstruation and yoga

I am interested in hearing others approach/thoughts about doing yoga on your cycle. I find I am very weak in my core and mula bandha so I take three days off. This affects any “challenges” I do and sometimes I feel that I am less flexible than pre cycle. I appreciate any advice and perspectives

I find that I am far more lethargic and less flexible. I also sometimes get flu-like symptoms and/Or back pain, but they don’t go away if I rest. Instead, I usually feel much better for doing yoga rather than cutting it out. I do often modify poses (even my basic vinyasa) and will sometimes rest in child’s pose if needed. But although I often feel I don’t want to, (I’m in pain, tired or can’t be bothered etc.) I usually feel so much better afterwards that it’s definitely worth it! But I know everyone’s experience is different.

Thank you for that insight! I was under the impression for many years that yoga during menses was contraindicated but more lately I am finding information that says its actually a good thing. I think I need to let go of expecting the same intensity and just accept the healing and support yoga brings through my cycle, like you say.

It may be linked to some of the hindu beliefs regarding menstruation - traditionally and historically menstruating women have been expected to behave differently. I am not hindu and apologise if this is misrepresented - it’s just my understanding of the beliefs.

I find that my body needs some poses more during my cycle, like child’s pose. But I try to stay away of any poses that have me blending down or forward, like down dog or rag doll. It feels like it is going against the energy in my body during my cycle. The only time I miss or skip a day of yoga is when my breathing is off from my asthma. Hope this helps.

Hello :slight_smile:
Hang in there! We are two women. But only one of us gets a menstrual cycle. I (the menstruater) know your pain. I get severe back pains and cramps. But yoga helps! Stretching and exercise can actually relieve cramps! Can you believe it!
I feel your pain :sunny:
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