Headache after savasana


Anyone else get a headache after getting up from savasana?
I sit up, join hands at the heart, and bow forward. When I sit up again, I have a sharp headache in the back of my head. It can last for hours.
Any ideas?

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I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t personally experienced this, but I did have something similar when I first started yoga! I was doing Bikram and would essentially WHIP my whole body out of camel pose. Afterwards I would sometimes have some sharp muscle pain at the base of my neck. Luckily I had a teacher who realized this was a case of yoga laziness (I COULD come up slow and controlled, but I didn’t particularly want to lol) and would watch me like a hawk to make sure I was coming out slowly enough from that point on. Essentially, I realized I was putting a ton of strain on all those small and finicky muscles in my neck by doing this. Do you have any neck/shoulder tension perhaps? Sometimes bowing your head forward quite deeply can make those muscles freak out. Maybe rolling your head back and forth on the mat a bit as you come out savasana and are reintroducing movement could help, and after bowing forwards doing a few slow and conscious neck rolls? You may have already tried these things, but if not could be worth a go!

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@catoptromance had some good suggestions. Have you tried standing up more slowly? Really take your time so the blood flow shift can happen gradually.