Sore neck - any ideas

My husband and I have been doing doyogawithme for about a month. We both suddenly have very sore necks. We think it may be the yoga. Does anyone have any idea of what we could be doing wrong or should avoid. Thank you for your input.

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Hello, I have been practicing along with the 30 day challenge/beginner for about a month also. I also have experienced some discomfort, and for me it is in one hip joint. So I’m just going easy on it. It helps me to think of when the instructors say ‘soft’ - to me that means ‘do not over reach’ and ‘do not feel tense’. This is very hard for a beginner such as myself ! I am super enjoying the yoga tho - what I can do - so I just go easy so I can try again tomorrow ! Please be gentle with yourself. Pain is our body natural way of telling us to either ‘dont do that’ or ‘modify that so it wont hurt!’ Also, if I think I might get sore - I drink a large glass of water and take an aspirin.

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A sore body either means you’re pushing yourself too much or your alignment is causing certain parts of your body to strain. The neck is a very easy spot to do this, since it can be very easy to place the head in a spot that is not optimal and the head weighs a lot.

Do you know how to engage your core, shoulders and neck muscles to find alignment?

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Thank you, that is helpful.

I did go online and read some good articles about the neck and yoga and
alignment. I now try and avoid any poses that involve the neck or turning
in a way that my body does not align properly. If I feel that a pose will
further contribute to the pain, I avoid the pose. It has worked well and
feeling a lot better now that I avoid anything that looks like it may be a
factor and its easy to do. I have continued now without pain which is

Thank you! Your advice is also helpful.


Fantastic, Sharon. That’s the way to do it! Honor your body.

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