Help with critiques

Hello! I have a question😊

Do you offer critiques if a video is sent in?

I don’t live near any yoga studios and rely on doyogawithme for my practices. I would love to have someone watch and let me know if there are things I am doing wrong. Does this website or even would any of the teachers on this site be willing to offer this to people like me?

Thank you!


Hi there.

Great question! I love the idea. We unfortunately don’t have the resources for that, but it may be a good idea for the future. Thanks for posting it.

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Hi Suzzipeeler: That’s too bad that you have no yoga studios nearby! We live in a rural area, and picked up a yoga pass at a community that “neighbours” ours (1/2 hour drive away), and the flexibility of the pass allows us to drop into any class. This helps us to get to an in-person studio whenever we can. In between those times, we love the DYWM web site, and supplement our practice with their yoga offerings as well. We think that workshops are a great supplement as well (and sometimes travel to yoga centres in nearby communities to go to workshops), and teachers can correct us there. Perhaps the next community over to you (as in our case) has a studio or workshop that offers drop-in passes, where you could go every so often? And I think the DYWM group are also holding a retreat? As in your case, we would feel a little lost without occasional guidance by an in-person teacher, and have somehow found a way to make it work by going to a studio (albeit at a distance), and also supplementing with the DYWM portal. I wish you luck in finding a solution in your area!

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