Sangha Session 5: Pros and cons of an online vs. studio yoga practice


Hi fellow yogis,

I have been practising yoga for a few years now, having discovered DYWM classes two years ago. Prior to that, I always did my yoga practice in a studio. A year ago (tomorrow!) we had twin boys, so my free time became far more limited. Initially I found it difficult to find time for my practice, but since the new year 30 day challenge, I’ve practiced most days and love the fact online yoga has enabled me to find time for yoga again. I am aware that in some circles online yoga is not viewed as being as beneficial as being in a studio with first-hand tutor guidance. I am not so sure this is true as the DYWM classes have taught me so much more about yoga and its many forms than I could have learnt in a studio environment. What do you think are the pros and cons of online vs. studio yoga?

I look forward to reading your views!



I have two young children too and there’s no way I can get to a yoga studio regularly. But truthfully, I’m not sure I’d do that even if I did have the time. I’ve progressed way farther from this site (and youtube, but primarily this site) than I ever have from a studio. I’ve never been to a studio where I am where they practice advanced poses.

And now that I’ve been practicing yoga for over a year now regularly, I know what a really good yoga teacher looks like. And I feel like I’d be hard pressed to find someone with the same skills and knowledge as the instructors on this site, where I could get one on one teaching. In fact I feel like I AM getting one on one teaching with yoga from home.


Wow, thank you. That certainly makes us feel like we’re doing something right! We do have a pretty sweet team of teachers!


I’ve been using this site since 2013 and I don’t think I would ever go back to a studio, unless it was for the social interaction. I’m 59 and while I’m quite athletic, I have arthritis and other limitations. Practicing at home allows me to work on my own modifications and to move in and out of poses at my own pace with no one bothering me. For example, when my wrists and hands are bothering me I use blocks for downward dog and planks. I also practice very early in the morning before work when it would not be convenient to go to a studio. Finally, I can’t say enough about the DYWM teachers: David, Fiji, Tracey, Ron, Melissa, and Rachel.


I do both. Do Yoga With Me online is great when I cannot get to a class or I am travelling or I want to do yoga in my own time. I love the variety available. Fantastic service you offer. Thank you.


Nice to hear that you’re modifying for your body. That’s very important.

Thanks for the kind words and for sharing.


I agree with what the others are saying. There are benefits to a studio class such as being able to get adjustments to help with alignment. However I find following the tutorials here really help with this. Going to an occasional class which is well taught and where you do get help with correct posture is going to be helpful, especially for beginners.
However I find its difficult to find quality teachers that you find on here. In studios there can be a competitive atmosphere and I don’t feel as comfortable to just do what I want to do, especially if I want to laugh or cry or anything else. Sometimes I think people can be a bit uptight in a studio and too serious. And often you don’t get help with adjustments, its simply about following the instruction.
I began with the beginner classes and have gradually progressed to intermediate. Through doing the classes on here and developing a daily home practice yoga has become so much deeper and more personal for me and now I’m totally addicted! It’s a spiritual practice, fitness is only a part and I didn’t get that from studio classes.
I’m so thankful because I’ve been on a very low income for a long time now and paying £7/8 a week for a class (minimum) is out the question. Through this site I’ve fallen in love with yoga and its been a major part of my recovery from addiction.
When I feel I’ve really mastered the advanced classes (some way off) I plan to find a way to fund training as a yoga teacher myself. I love to think I’ll be as good one day as the teachers on here, particularly my current favourites Tracey Noseworthy, Christa Shillingham and Fiji McAlpine. I can’t thank doyogawithme enough for what you do.


wow, thanks all for the responses, especially the most recent from Helen. It’s really chimed with me and how I’ve felt about a studio practice. For a time I felt as though I must do a studio class, after all to join the local teacher training, I would have to demo that I’ve been going studio classes for at least two years. I question whether that’s truly relevant when there are so many ways to practice yoga nowadays. I guess I see yoga as a very personal journey, and like so many of you have said, it’s helped with discovering so much about yoga practice but as importantly about ourselves and what we can achieve from the.comfort of our own homes. Progressing through teachers, classes and skill levels enables to gauge what progress we’re making externally. Internally though it’s as much about the fire that burns within and harnessing that through these classes, creating space, developing suppleness and peace of mind. I love everything about the DYWM classes and I’m so pleased others share this view.


I am so thankful for this site. I’ve only done yoga at home through various videos and this site. I can’t afford to go to classes, so the instruction on this site is so valuable to me. I think there is no room in a practice like yoga for others to judge how we receive instruction.


I have been practising yoga on an off in different studios for quite some years, but I have only found two really good studio teachers. I think there is a problem with some teacher’s courses, as some people just attend a small course and think they are already ready to teach. In doyogawithme I have found such a great and good variety of teachers that I have became addicted to it, I really miss it if I can no practice one day, and I have been constantly practising with it for about three years. I have advanced much more than in the studio and find the instructions really clear (even though English is not my mother tongue). I also like the possibility of choosing a different teacher, style and length depending on how I feel, my schedule…For me, all pros😊


I totally agree with you on the point about choosing a teacher, class etc on the basis of how you feel on a given day. There are days when I feel in the mood for an energising Fiji or Ron class, and other days when I’m more in the mood for say a David or Melissa class. It’s this wide variety of options thst never makes my yoga practice a chore. In fact, my day often revolves around my DYWM class! Thanks for the reply.


I too have done yoga both in a studio and more recently with DYWM, I much prefer the classes with DYWM, I can practice whenever its convenient to me, choose the level I feel comfortable with at any given time, choose a class which suits my mood and know that the teacher will be welcoming, friendly, enthusiastic and above all excellent! For me no contest :slight_smile:


My work and research have brought me to Canada’s far north. The closest yoga studio is 900 km from here so practicing in a studio environment only happens when I am travelling. When I do have opportunities to practice in a studio, I usually enjoy the shared energy that the group creates. Sometimes the studio will be very full which can feel challenging for a wilderness loving person such as me. DYWM provides me with everything I need to feel connected to a yoga community. This community of teachers and fellow yoga lovers creates a shared energy that provides nourishment for my life. Having a selection of classes gives me a lot of freedom on a daily basis which enriches my yoga practices. I often practice yoga outside in the meadows and by the lake and I love that several teachers do that too. It is empowering to have such a fantastic site as DYWM available to help me keep yoga part of my daily life.


It does seem silly the studio practice thing for teacher training. Surely someone could be attending studio classes for that time but not have a home practice and not have such a deep practice? The yogis of India didn’t attend studio classes after all!


I agree. it does seem crazy, but maybe that’s a way some studios ensure they generate enough revenue from those students that commit to two years of studio yoga before doing their courses!


I agree with everyone! I’ve been doing Yoga off and on for 15 years, and I’ve advanced more with these videos than I did with classes. I especially love the challenges! I did take classes from an iyengar teacher for 4 years, which gave me a good base. I just found with my work schedule it was so hard to find a class at the level I wanted and a time that worked that didn’t do yoga as much as I wanted. This website has made me healthier and happier, and I thank all the instructors for the love and work they put in their classes!


I’d like to add that I feel that I’ve learnt to be more gentle and not push my body into certain positions by doing these classes at home. In a class in the past I’ve felt uncomfortable using props when no one else is, particularly when I first started yoga. Now I know that there are certain things I can’t do, like saddle pose - I know its going to hurt my knee so I don’t do it. In a class I’m ashamed to admit I have pushed myself to do it even though I knew my body didn’t really like it. I know that I like savasana with a bolster under my knees and in triangle I need a block on one side though not on the other - I probably never would have found these sort of things out in a led class. So I’ve become the expert of what my body likes and I don’t push it.


I totally understand what you’re saying. I actually mentioned this after attending a studio workshop this past weekend. I’m still amazed at how many people have never done or understand the benefits of online classes. A major benefit is as you listening to your body as you transition through poses. It’s easy to inadvertently become ‘competitive’ when in a studio and in those instances push yourself over the edge - I did that a couple of weeks ago in an Ashtanga class! So yes, the online classes really counter that, allowing yourself to become more at one with your body. I take that learning into studio classes (most of the time!) and reap the benefits.

Thanks so much for your reply. R


Second that re knowing what a good yoga instructor is like. I always feel safe with DYWM classes even when challenged.


This is fantastic feedback, everyone. This question is often on our minds as we create classes and build programs. It’s making me think a lot about our approach.

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