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We love getting feedback from you. Let us know how we can make your experience on DYWM better!

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I am really pleased to have found this site, I have tried lots of different classes on here and find it preferable to classes in the gym, as I can do a class anytime I please. The instructors are fab, fully explaining each posture and the reason for it. I love it!

First & foremost, i love the site so keep doing what you’ve been doing! I’ve found the programs and challenges really beneficial. David’s core strength program and Fijis recent back care program being particular highlights.

Other opportunities could include doing a class or classes that focus on the anatomy. Perhaps setting a program for different forms of yoga that takes the student through less complex to more complex classes. This wouldn’t necessarily be new classes, just presenting existing classes in a new way.

Thank you. That’s great feedback.

We have thought about doing programs that focus on specific parts of the body, whether it’s to stretch or strengthen them. And moving from simple to more complex would be a good approach. Great suggestion, thank you.

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Firstly I love the website and use it all the time. My main comment on the classes is that many of them are Vinaysa or Power Flow classes. Now while I like these classes it would be good to have more classes that are not Vinaysa or Power Flow. Classes that are a little calmer and slower while not being yin yoga.

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I LOVE doyogawithme. I have tried many of the classes and have gained strength, flexibility and emotional wellbeing. I am not new to yoga, but have been on/off for awhile; doyogawithme has created a space for me to be much more on, yay! Due to arthritis, I find David and Melissa Kreiger’s classes to be the best fit for me. I’ve tried some intermediate classes and had some success, but many of the more difficult poses, binds and stretches cause pain and/or a flare up. However, I feel like I want to be challenged more, a conundrum! Any chance Melissa or David will be adding longer beginner classes or beginner classes with 1 or 2 more challenging poses, that are extensions of beginner poses, mixed in? Does that make sense? I don’t know that my joints will ever let me do advanced yoga, and I’m fine with that. I can work with them though, and do longer classes with a couple surprise moves thrown in:) Thank you for this site. I feel very lucky to have come upon it when I needed it the most.

Hi, it’s me again :slight_smile: as I was just doing Melissa Krieger’s core stretch and strength class, for about the 1000th time, I realized why I go back to it again and again. It focusses on various parts of the body without focussing on one area for too long; it’s an overall workout. I don’t know if other arthritis managers find this, but when I do a class that focusses on one area, that one area can protest. An intermediate version of the above class would be amazing!

Hi there. We actually have loads of hatha yoga classes. The best way to see that is by going to our Yoga Classes page and under Styles choose Hatha Yoga and click Apply. You’ll see many pages of Hatha Yoga Classes - that are calmer and slower than vinyasa classes.

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Hello! Great comments and suggestions. It sounds like you’re looking for beginner classes that are a bit more challenging, correct? We do have plenty of those types of classes - Anastasia, Rachel, Melissa and I all do. If you would like me to recommend a few, let me know.

I’ll be filming again with Melissa very soon and we’re planning to create a couple more challenging beginner classes.


Recommendations for more challenging beginner classes would be great. Can’t wait to try Melissa’s new classes. Thank you for replying.

Hi thanks for your reply. I understand there are many Hatha yoga classes however the majority of these are at a beginner level and are less than an hour. What I would like to see is intermediate level Hatha yoga classes of longer than a hour in length. I should have been clearer on this.

One other thing I have also noticed is a lot of intermediate classes have complicated poses such as crow in them which is fine to challenge yourself but a) I don’t feel I should try a challenging pose without a teacher in the room to correct my posture, I don’t want to cause myself an injury and b) There is no alternative to the pose given if people are not capable of/ don’t want to try the complicated pose.


Here are a few challenging beginner classes:

Challenging Beginner Hatha Yoga
Empower Your Boundaries
Spinal Care for Beginners

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My pleasure. Here are a few intermediate hatha yoga classes that you can try.

Playing the Edge
Power to Paradise
Sun Salutes with Binding Twists
Heavenly Hips
Breathing Through Movement

I understand what you are saying about not having alternatives in some classes. In certain classes teachers want a smoother flow so don’t stop to offer modifications. In other classes, they take the time to do it so all levels can follow.

Have been using DYWM for a couple of months now. I have gone from one yoga class per week at my gym to 4-5 classes per week that fit in with my schedule and body needs of the day. It would be great if the site had a way for us to log our classes to keep track of activity. Kind of like the Insight Meditation app does for meditation. Thank you for the site and I am glad I can support.


Good for you!

Yes, that’s a great idea and it’s something we’re thinking about and working towards. We’re hoping to have something like that set up in the not-so-distant future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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DYWM has enriched my practices by introducing me to several types of yoga practices that I had not tried before. The detailed instructions for each posture has helped me improve my form and move more deeply into the postures. I appreciate the encouragement that is given during the practices and the reminders to work according to how I feel so that I stay safe and injury free. The varying lengths of the practices allow me to find ones that fit within any time schedule. I really love the use of Sanskrit in identifying the postures and would appreciate more use of it because it helps me feel connected to the tradition of yoga at a deeper level. Thank you for inviting me to share my thoughts with you at DYWM.

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I absolutely love the site, have been practising with it for over three years (unfortunately not continuously,due to life circumstances) and it has helped me in many. many ways, both physically and emotionally. I learn everything new every single day I practice (for over a year now, 7 days a week :-). I love it so much that I have just became a suscriber, as I love trying different classes and finding new challengues. The only suggestion I could make (apart from keeping doing it so well) is, perhaps, new and different 30 or 15 days programmes, as I find them very usefull. As a very recent suscriber, I am starting my advance 14 days challengue today, so wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. We have more programs and challenges coming, likely in the fall.

Hey - suggestions wise, I’m practicing at a new studio in Bristol. The other week, I attended a great Yin and Yang workshop. It was great as we started the class with 15 minutes of Yin, really opening up the shoulders, then 15 minutes of ‘power’ poses for want of a better word. then back to Yin for hip openers, before back to power poses. It was a 2 hour class, but it felt so good with the contrast between holding poses for longer, really opening up the body in the Yin poses, before switching to a more intense practice, with faster transitions between stronger poses for a short amount of time. It worked well as the class was paced perfectly.

It got me thinking whether you’ve ever thought of doing something similar on the site. A combination of a Sarah Jane Steele Yin class, with say a Fiji vinyasa class. Just a thought!

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