How to choose a Bolster?

I am looking to purchase my first Bolster and see that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and fills. What is the recommended size, shape and fill for doing Yoga? Thank you for your help. Suwannee

I’m sure you’ll get several suggestions. I have 2 different bolsters: one that is a cotton fill that is good for me to sit on when crosslegged or when I want to have a bolster under my knees during savasana (shavasana).I have a larger and higher bolster filled with buckwheat that I use when I do restorative classes because I can lie on it and it won’t “squash” and it keeps its shape.

I like the products made by Half Moon. I find the large bolster more versatile myself. To get a smaller support, you can always roll up a small blanket.

I used David’s tutorial to make my own out of towels and blankets to see what size etc worked best for me when I needed a bolster then looked for one that more or less matched what I created. Everyone wanted their blankets back, otherwise I would have just continued using my homemade one.