Beginner program equipment?

Hi there,

I keep starting and stopping the 30 day beginner challenge. I am struggling (partially) because I don’t know what equipment I need. In the first few classes, David pulls out bolsters, straps, blocks, and blankets. I don’t even have a mat!

I was able to purchase a block and a strap, but don’t have the budget for bolsters. I can use pillows off the couch but those feel a bit unstable when stacked. I have some blankets I can use, but it seems like I am needing so much stuff for something that is supposed to be simple.

Please help.


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For a bolster I rolled up some old blankets and put a tied up bit of old waist band elastic to secure the roll. An old scarf for a strap and some old thick books for blocks. If I had to buy the stuff I probably would never have it. Yoga mats are optional too, before my daughter bought one for me, I just used the floor with a hand towel where my face is in poses like childs pose or locust etc.


Thanks for the feedback, @m_lira. There are quite a few props in yoga, but pretty much all of them can be replaced by common household items. For example, a strap can be replaced with a tie or rope. Here’s a video on how to make a bolster with blankets and rope. Blankets are useful to sit on.

The intention of the beginner classes is to make you comfortable, but if you don’t need the props you can go without them. Sometimes a block or strap are essential, and the teacher will usually say that at the beginning.

I hope that helps!