Is there unlimited access to classes without paying a fee?

I have been using Do Yoga With Me off and on for several years and really am grateful for this website.
I tried to find a class today and discovered that I can not do any searches nor will the website allow me to go any further than page 1.
Is this because I am not a Premium member? I understand that you need money to run the site and since I have been using it I should join.
I am just disappointed that if this is the case that I no longer have access, that there was no warning. My access to your classes just ended.
Could you please explain? Thank you for your time.

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Hi there. I’m glad that you like our site! Thanks for sharing.
We don’t limit access to any page. We only limit your ability to access videos with a plus sign on them, if you are a free member. If you’re still having trouble, can you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you try to see certain pages?

Thank you for your reply. I did yoga from You Tube for a few days (THANK YOU!) and then tried again on the website.
The website did allow to go to different pages and do searches so perhaps my computer just needed rebooted.

I know I should pay for a membership to your website because I do benefit from it. In my head, I am thinking that as soon as I pay, I will stop using it, along the lines of getting a gym membership. Very silly I know. I should have taken advantage of your offer a few years back of the lifetime membership for a very, very reasonable price.

Anyways, thank you so much for the wonderful classes and meditations. I so much enjoy it and it has brought my old bones back to life.

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Ha! That’s funny. I’m actually the opposite - when I pay, I make sure that I use it as much as possible! Everyone’s different, I guess!

You’re right, we are certainly grateful when people subscribe, and we do depend on it, but if you are simply unable to at the this I completely understand.

I hope you’re enjoying the yoga!

Take care,