Access to yoga instruction

I believe I am a member so how can I access the locked classes. If I am not then I will join

Hi! You must choose a paid membership to be able to access the locked classes. I pay monthly, but you can also pay per year.

Yes some of our content is subscribers only content, if you have subscribed either monthly or annually you should have access to all our content when you are signed in. Make sure ou go to the top right corner of your screen to ensure you are logged in.

Our subscribers are what makes this site possible. We are a group of like minded yoga teachers who pour our heart and teachings into this project in hopes more people will come to find the healing power of yoga. We will always have some of our content for free for this very reason, yoga for everyone, that being said the size of the site now does require capital to run and. We are incredibly grateful to all those of you out there who contribute to running this site and community with us through your contributions.