Kicking up to handstand/forearm balance

I have one leg that definately perfers to be the upward leg and the other that prefers to be the ‘bouncing leg’ when I go up for handstand or forarm balance. The difference is so strong that when I practice it with the legs reversed, it’s much more difficult for me to do and I always rely on the wall to stop my momentum. My question is - should I be dilegently practicing on both sides, or is okay to only perform the poses from the strong leg?



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Hi Antigone. It’s very common, since we all have a stronger side. You can try to balance it out, but it isn’t something that will affect your life or your practice in a negative way. It’s kind of like snowboarding or surfing… it would be cool to be able to do it with either foot forward, but it’s difficult and it may not override your love of the sport.