Left or right side: which one first?

Hi everybody!
I have a “technical” question: I noticed that some DYWM teachers start with a specific side of the body when it comes to asymmetrical asanas, while others apparently don’t (or at least, I did not notice a huge difference).

E.g. 1) from forward fold to high lunge, the left leg might be the first one to move towards the back of the mat; while 2) from chair pose to twists with “praying hands”, the left elbow is placed across the right knee first more often.

I was wondering if there could be an actual reason why a specific side of the body comes first (something that has to do with the asymmetry of our internal organs, perhaps?), or if is just a random choice and these supposed patterns are only in my head :thinking:

Thank you in advance. Stay safe, healthy and strong!

My take on it, being a yoga teacher:
It really doesn’t matter which side you start with, but you should vary. In my classes I sometimes start with the left side other times with the right. It also helps the yogis alert :slight_smile:
That said, when going from savanna to seated you should roll over to your right side due to your heart being on the left side.

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Thank you for your input, Stefan :slight_smile:

That is my question as well. I really appreciate if an instructor tells exactly what leg or arm to use. Thank I dont have to remember which one. I have done accidently the some pose with my right leg twice. Easirt, but wrong.
I got many years ago informed I should start in yoga with left, no idea why. But i sure do lpve gettomg the cue. Not just only: any leg!
Thanks for beating me to the question. Namaste