Yoga Squat for Wonky Knees

The fullest expression of the Yoga squat isn’t possible for my body right now and may not be possible at all due to an issue I have with how my knees; they’re a little wonky. I’ve tried sitting on things such as my bolster and blocks, but I’m not able to get comfortably low enough to rest into the pose without pain. I was thinking of purchasing or building something that might allow me to get into an expression of the pose that works for my body. I need to alleviate some of the pressure. Are there any options or alternatives for a yogi with wonky knees?


Hi Percevial.

I provide two options in the classes I teach. You can either use a bolster and stack blocks or firm pillows on it until you get the right height, or you move into a gentle child’s pose, which has a similar effect on the body.

I hope that helps.

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe Founder

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Thanks, David. I read about child’s pose being an option but wanted to make sure this was accurate. Many thanks.

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My pleasure, Percevial.