Right knee pain while doing wheel pose

I am 31 years old and don’t have any prior medical conditions. After 1 month of practicing yoga with DYWM, I was able to finally do the wheel pose while practicing one of the videos. I gave it a try again a few times and felt some kind of weird sensation (or pain) in my knee while rising up in the wheel pose.

Based on the video I kept my big toes touching teach other forming a little triangle with the base of my feet and the knees pointing inwards.

Any tips to improve the technique and/or any obvious reason what I might be causing the knee pain? Any insight would be greatly helpful.


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Hello there.

Congratulations on getting into wheel! That must have felt amazing.

Even though some teachers recommend that you try to keep your feet close to one another and slightly turned in, sometimes you need to adjust to accommodate your body’s needs. When you try the pose again, move your feet a little farther apart and turn them out slightly. If you don’t get the same knee pain, then the next time you do it, move your feet a tiny but closer. Work on taking small steps without the pain in the knee.

I hope that helps!