Lower back health 30 day program

I’m in my 70’s but reasonably strong and quite flexible, but on day 3 of the first week of the program you’re showing me how to do the downward facing dog and I have this issue where my arms shake. It’s a side effect of some meds I take.
If you have any suggestions that would be great, or possibly I should just skip or modify it.

I love your teaching method.


Hi Dennis,

Happy you are doing this program! The answer to this question actually comes from inside of you! Does the shaking in your arms bother you or cause discomfort, or is it something you can observe and understand as part of your practice due to the medication? If it is bothersome, you could try modifying to your knees with arms extended in the same way. I would also suggest giving it some time, our body is very responsive and the shaking might stop after a week of practice.

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Thanks for your response, Fiji, it’s much appreciated.

I’ll follow your advice J

Seasons Greetings!


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