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Hello our dear community!

We are two college roommates who started our yoga practice in the fall of this year. We opened this account to help motivate us as we took this journey towards a better mind, body, and spirit. Sadly, after practicing every single day, for around half a month, we found ourselves in a bit of a rut.
The stresses of daily life as a college student have accumulated, and we noticed around a couple hours ago that we haven’t practiced yoga in five months. (I know, I know… terrible yogis). We are deeply embarrassed. Yoga was a beautiful tool for us in those two weeks – we escaped our stresses and anxieties, we bonded (together and with the mat), and we felt our bodies and minds gaining strength and focus.
Please help! We would love to resume our journey, if we can.
Does anyone have any tips? Is it just simply too late to start up again?
We feel a great mental block. Like writer’s block, but with the practice of yoga… And we need our community to help fuel and motivate us to get back to the practice we came to love so deeply.
Thank you for all your help.
Maddie & Rose

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why would it be too late? why feel embarrassed about returning to something you like? Yoga is always there. Yoga does not care if you have been away for a few months, a few years, or a few decades. That is the wonderful thing about yoga, it meets you where you are and welcomes you no matter what.

(just my opinion).



I completely agree, it’s never too late to take back up yoga practice.

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Hi Maddie and Rose.
It sounds to me like you’ve simply lost the inspiration that yoga provides. It’s a pretty simple solution, I think, and involves simply deciding to do your first class today! You can then set up a schedule and be disciplined, or join one of our classes or programs that has a schedule that you think you can follow through with.
Have you tried one of the challenges or programs?
DoYogaWithMe Founder

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