Sangha Session 28: Fall into or out of Yoga?

Fall is now fast approching, and many of us will be called back into the busy routine that the season often brings. Calendars will fill up and days of the week start to have meaning again, in all that we slot in where will your practice land?

In this Sangha Session we want to know:

-How do you find time and energy to practice when life gets busy?
-Does the return to routine make it harder or easier to consistently make it to your mat?
-What would help you onto your mat when time gets tight?


After working from home for a year and a half, it’ll be a difficult adjustment going back into the office/classroom. I’m a college professor, and knowing the pandemic is now having another turn for the worst here in the US also makes me anxious about returning. My yoga practice will be even more important for me once work resumes in the office and classroom. It helps me de-stress, stay calm, and remain focused. I always carve out time to practice. It’s so important to my self-care. I don’t ever shove that aside now.

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It has become a habit for me to wake up an hour earlier, take the dog for a walk, do yoga with me and meditate before anything else can happen. Like brushing my teeth, I don’t ever want to miss it.

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Yes!!! I love your perspective, knwoing that your practice will be even more important as things get added to life. This year has helped my look at my priorites and my time/energy in a different way. I am hoping your practice helps to keep you grounded and calm as you transition back.