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Hello-I couldn’t find a good category for a welcome post, so here it is! My profile explains me. I took dance lessons while I was young -that has kept me flexible as I get older. I do have a severe chronic pain condition (below). FYI: I am trying to find the link to the “advanced user tutorial “ (yes I’m badge collecting-and quietly learning before interacting much). Anyone w a link to it thank you :heartpulse::heartpulse:

I’m a paying DYME member (yay), & try to do yoga etc at home. I suffer from extreme pain in my pelvis & lower back-nothing really helps. I’m trying to stay limber etc-I can meditate easier during a day than make time to do yoga-I’m trying. I just don’t have long time breaks. Any new sets that focus on gentle limbering, others for chronic pain (and not back injuries-mine are from pregnancy & birth) are series that will always be greatly appreciated.

Oh yes-I’m in that other hemisphere. I happened to travel to Australia on biz in 2000-:innocent: One day…thanks for the help & encouragement along the way.

Thanks again to all. I look forward to to “meeting” you.

Carrie (STEMgal)

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Hi Carrie :slight_smile: Nice to meet you ! Your post popped up in my e-mails. Thought I would just share some potential help ideas for your pain. I have studied many years on the subject of lacking health, pain etc. Although I love meditation, prayer, reflection, yoga and more and they play an important part in regaining health I have found that for chronic situations that do not want to improve food choices, herbs etc can play an important part. I would suggest listening to Dr. Morse and his explanations on the lymphatic system and the connection to inflammation, pain etc etc. He has a you tube channel and a website: . He also has a very good book called the detox miracle source book. After studying and trying everything else his work and knowledge let everything fall into place! Love and Light from Annette

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Hello Carrie.

Thanks for the sweet message and for sharing. And nice to connect with you all the way over in Australia!

Two pieces come to mind when I think of working with chronic pain. One is a guided meditation and one is a gentle yoga class video. Here they are:

Heal Chronic Pain (this album is called ‘Letting Go’ but you can see the track in it.

Yoga for Pain Care with Tianne Allan

We have many other classes and guided meditations that can help. Let me know if you would like more recommendations.

All the best,


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