More diversity would make this site more welcoming

Love this site so far, there are some wonderful teachers here.
Can you include more images and classes that represent a more diverse community of instructors and students? Diverse ethnicities, races, ages, abilities or body shape?
This would make your site more welcoming.


I find the DYWM site very welcoming and a great example of diversity, far more so than all of the yoga studios I’ve ever been to. There are so many different teachers of different ages, races, backgrounds, body shapes and different types of yoga offered on the site. Have you allowed yourself some time to have a good explore of the site using the search functionality on both the classes and poses pages? I am sure you will find teachers and classes that resonate with you that way. Best wishes :slight_smile:


Actually that’s one of the things I really like, the instructors don’t look like they’ve just stepped off a malibu beach complete with the blond hair and bikini. They are normal people and there seems to be way more diversity here than you see in most studios or online classes.


Hi there. This is a very important topic, one that is part of our decision-making process every day.

For us, our emphasis is never heavily on how a teacher looks. The most important aspects are his/her skill set, experience and how much they care about their impact on others and the planet.

That being said, we are conscious of how we represent yoga online, so we do our best to represent diversity on our site. (We are located on the west coast of Canada, which does present a challenge in this respect). We do have many 30-40 year old teachers who are white, slim and fit looking. We also have teachers in their 50s and one in her 60s. We now have an instructor who teaches yoga for bigger bodies. And we intend to branch out into other realms that further diversify our offerings.

Thanks again for asking, and thanks to @mjscott88 and @helen79jane for their kind responses. As I said, this is an important issue to us, one worth discussing.

Take care,



Thank you for your response, David, and for taking this topic seriously. I’m very excited about the new classes by Helen Camisa and look forward to seeing more!


We love the diversity of teachers and styles on this portal. We think the teachers are very generous and giving of their expertise, and we can’t thank DYWM and their colleagues enough for offering such a rich variety of styles from which each of us can choose to suit our different abilities! We have been enjoying the exploration of all the rich treasures on this portal. THANK YOU!

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My pleasure. It’s important to us.

Good to hear! Helen is a star. :slight_smile:

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