Sangha Session 13: "Plan our next retreat! With any of our teachers, anywhere in the world. Go!"

Our 13th Sangha Session is more of a challenge than a question. Here it is:

“Plan our next retreat! With any of our teachers, anywhere in the world. Go!”

(If you would like to have a look at where we already have retreats and workshops confirmed in 2019, go to our Events page)

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Omega institute in New York. Figi, David, Rachel. Exploring boundaries.
Btw I love the new flexibility challenge for busy people. I love this website so much and I recommend you all the time. It is such a beautiful thing to be a part of.

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Thanks! I’m happy that you like the new challenge!

Do you know that Fiji, Tracey, Rachel and I are teaching a 5-day retreat at Omega next June 2-7, 2019? You’ll see it if you click the ‘Events’ link in my first post in this thread.

Come to England! :uk: I have spent a lot of time with your wonderful teachers. It would be nice to meet them in person.


Yessss, please come to Europe! :slight_smile:

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Hawaii! Lots of aloha and beautiful scenery here, and fabulous weather. Namaste & Mahalo :palm_tree::sunny::rainbow:


I would love to do a retreat with Tracey in California wine country-Napa Valley!


Next retreat, eh?

Well, here we go:

Exploring Heat and Relaxation with David, Melissa, Fiji, and Satiya
Purpose: A retreat with a mix of spicy hatha (Fiji), yin (Satiya), restorative (Melissa), and meditation (David) designed to get us out of our busy minds and into the wonderful state of simply being

Dates: 19 February - 23 February 2020

Location: White Calm Retreats, Brentwood, Essex, U.K.

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:slight_smile: Where in Europe?

@Ringwoodkatie Ok. Can you suggest a retreat location?

@miss_nourson. Where in Europe?

@Shannoncoydean Do you know that Tracey will be leading a 5-day retreat at Esalen on April 28th. Here’s the page with all the info:

YOU MATTER: Get Out of Your Own Way and Be the Creator of Your Own Life with Tracey Noseworthy (April 28 - May 3, 2019)

@krystle.wright2015 Great detail! Have you attended a retreat at White Calms?

I have not attended a retreat there. It was suggested to me by a Twitter friend in the U.K.

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Location: Eastdown, Dartmoor, UK

I have retreated here twice and it is an amazing space - you will see from the website how they run the centre as a non-profit organisation. The studio holds approx. 12 people, there’s a great space for dining/kitchen, comfortable bedrooms, stunning scenery, great walks… even an outdoor space for practicing when the sun shines and healing horses too on site.

Teachers: Fiji - Vinyasa sequences, possibly with peak pose workshops in the way Fiji taught the full bridge wheel workshop. David - pranayama, meditation classes including silent walks. Maybe even a philosophy group session (i.e. aspects of the Sutras or Gita and interpretation)

Dates: Spring (April - May outside of school holidays) early Summer (June - early July), late Summer (September).

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Not sure where the bulk of your DYWM audience is located in Europe. I can’t recommend anywhere in particular, but I’d make sure to pick a destination that is well served by low cost airlines from a variety of places across Europe. Many Europeans would probably be happy to fly in if it’s affordable (on the top of my mind, Brussels and Barcelona are generally well connected to everywhere, and you can get to the countryside in no time).

For somewhere fancy that has the same kind of feel that the Mexico retreats you’re doing, I’d say try looking for somewhere in the Açores (Portuguese islands off the African coast). Sardinia is also beautiful and quite affordable off-season.

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Yes, I totally agree with this. Would love to see you over here in England and get a chance to practice with dywm teachers after years of doing the online videos :smiley:

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I know I’m a bit slow. I only just saw this question now but I have to say, I know it’s a long way but I would love to see David, Fiji and Rachel, Satia, Melissa and others in New Zealand, preferably Auckland but you guys are worth traveling for. Maybe North Island and South Island.


Big Island of Hawaii has more space and is usually cheaper. And Hawaii is just a very healing place!

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I know I’m late to the conversation - just wanted to add a vote for the UK (Wales is particularly beautiful!) :grinning:
Also, as a full time school teacher can I put in a vote for during the school holidays? I know it can increase prices but I definitely can’t go anywhere during term time … and I realise I’m probably the minority!

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Yes please please do come to the UK. As a venue, I suggest Emerson College in Sussex. It’s a short train ride from Central London and a beautiful place with a very special energy, well set up for hosting gatherings. In particular, the food is very good, simple, vegetarian and often using produce grown on site to biodynamic standards. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if the retreat came with the intention of encouraging people not to fly. Perhaps a small reduction or some other recognition for those who travel by public transport (train, bus etc) given that we’re living in a climate emergency. Though of course it is unavoidable for some people, like the teachers!

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Hi @susan.rae! Do you have any retreat centers in New Zealand that you would suggest?

Honestly, no I don’t. I looked on Google and there is a few in the north and the south. Makes me think I should add them to my bucket list. Whangamata looked promising.
Regards Susan.

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