Would you like a workshop?

As you know we are always looking for new ways to keep our community engaged, and to provide useful content that will keep us all growing and learning together. We have many new challenges in the works that will roll out about once a month. We are also considering some new ideas and offerings.

Would you be interested in signing up for a workshop with one of your favorite teachers done via zoom? These would be 2 hour sessions on a variety of topics, backbends, inversions, yoga philosophy, pranayama and bhandas. The sessions would happen on zoom and there would be a limeted amount of students in each workshop so there would be time for question and answer during and after the session. The class could also be watched again at a later time so you could continue to work on what was covered.

If this is of interest to you let us know, who do you want to take a virtual workshop with and what are some topics you would like to see covered.


I would like to have a workshop or program where you start with yin yoga to stretch your fascia and muscles and then yang yoga (flow/vinyasa). I notice that I need more time to warm up my body before doing vinyasa yoga. It has probably to do with ageing…


This is a great idea, a true yin to yang. We will work on that!

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Inversions, please. I’d love to get some practical guidance on adaptations for the extreme tightness in my shoulders and hamstrings. (Most of the DYWM recorded classes, including some in the recent men’s challenge, presume a flexibility baseline that’s far beyond my limited range of motion.) Beyond inversions, the workshop format would seem to lend itself well to just about any kind of alignment work.

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This is a great suggestion. I also just finished creating a 14 day challenge called yoga for stiff guys that will come out earlly July, it might be a great tool for you!

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I’ll be watching for that!

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Hi Fiji, workshops via zoom sound amazing! I know that I would have loved to join you, Tracey, Rachel and David at the Omega workshop; alas I live in Berlin. I really appreciate that you and other DYWM teachers have been teaching us more about yoga as an integral, historical and cultural practice - hopefully you will expand on your vinyasa through the vayus class, as with the chakra series and Crista’s elements. It has been so enriching, inspiring and interesting to go beyond the physical asanas (slowly working on incorporating some of the mental parts, as opposed to physical or intellectual)! I am sure whatever the DYWM community decides upon will be wonderful. Thanks! Anna

Thank you Anna, yes this is the intention to be able to take a deeper dive on a variety of topics with our favorite teachers! I would definately like to do one exploring the subtle body in greater detail, looking and the vayus, koshas, and chakras.

I’d love to have a workshop on yoga philosophy!

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Hi Fiji, I’d love a workshop with you,Tracey, or Rachel! I’m interested in modifications for lordosis/sway back. What concerns or modifications can people with lordosis or sway back make as we progress into more advanced yoga poses (note that sway back and lordosis are slightly different)? Chest/shoulder opening is connected, of course. For instance, bridge pose does almost nothing to open my chest, but puts plenty of strain on my lower back. Even chair pose is awkward some days. I’ve just been responding to what feels right, but would love some guidance on this!

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Hi Sylvia,

This is a great topic as many people suffer from lower back pain to some degree, and practicing with keen awareness around this would be a huge help.