March 2022 Sangha Session - Renewal

Happy March!

Our next monthly theme in our 2022 series, is ‘Renewal’. Here’s the place where you can discuss what role renewal plays in your life.

“What practices in your life help to renew you… body, mind and soul?”

Please answer below!


I always feel that early March really is the energetic New Year for me. This is the time that I start to feel the itch of new growth and the desire to create something new.

I like to look at the year ahead and ask myself the question “what seeds will I sow this growing season and how will I tend to them?”

This allows me to invite a creative flare to what I may want to experience that is new and fresh, and also asks that I think of ways I can bring those experiences to life.

This year I will create a new veggie garden at my new home, I already have laid out planting boxes and just bougth a green house. I will also be spending more time upside down this year as I expand my inversion practice and have commited to a daily practice each afternoon at 430.

How about you? What seeds will you sow this spring?

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March is a great time to think about renewal, as the winter fades and sign of spring appear. I have been committing to yoga more often, and practice mindful deep breathing while out for a walk. I will pause near a wooded area and breath in some of that fresh air.

I am also looking at my bike longingly…we don’t have Victoria weather here, so I will have to wait until April or May to get moving on it!


This month is definitely a renewal of sorts and not all in positive ways. There is a lot of change that is occurring at work, and this change has caused a lot of chaos and toxicity in the environment, so as someone who tends to be an optimist, I’m focusing on self-care and mindfulness, along with yoga and exercise to cope with the difficulties. I am, however, looking forward to warmer weather and the growth of spring flowers, and getting back on my paddleboard, as it is one of my favorite workouts!


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing stress at work, but happy that you are being proactive to create energetic balance for yourself with self care. Hopefully all this change, will in the long run turn out to be a good transformation.

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Loving the focus on renewal in March. Jonni-Lyn’s renewal-focused classes have me seeing time on my mat as an opportunity for renewal. Seeds planted outside (well, inside my house!) include peppers, basil, lettuce, and seeds planted inside (on my mat) include kindness, compassion, and appreciation for this practitioner. :slight_smile:


That is lovely charring! My daffodils are just coming up and I am looking forward to longer days( more daylight) and warmer temps. Renewal is the anticipation of spring and all the joy and fun it (and summer) will bring!


I love the seeds you are sowing both on and off your mat! Thank you for sharing!

Hello everyone! I love this topic of Renewal as everyone has referred to the renewal growth we see around us in spring. It feels to me like creation is inviting me to just enjoy the beauty and wonder around us and then to participate in creating my own renewal as well. It indeed is catching as so many others enjoy hearing and sharing about their gardening endeavors. This chat is also a wonderful chance to share together about our spiritual/personal renewal. I most definitely notice an increase in my energy and motivation during this season and have been able to commit to my yoga practice so much more almost everyday! I’m still carrying with me the intention I set in January (with DYWM intention discussion with Fiji) to endeavor to live in a more healthy way. This began with yoga classes and food and has extended to friendship relationships and personal spiritual growth. Baby steps for sure, but here’s a secret I’ve discovered for myself: I have been stuck in a few unhealthy patterns and these can spiral on themselves. If I just change one small thing , it creates a domino effect and I find a desire to add more healthy things to my life. DYWM has been a wonderful tool to use for motivation and I do thank you!!! It’s just a wonderful service to the world! Bless you all. :two_hearts:


Thank you for this wonderful sharing, I love the idea of shifting just one small thing, often all that is needed to shift a pattern is awareness of it and that energy shift starts the dominos.

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