Sangha Session 26: What do you think about our OTT App, DoYogaWithMe Studio?

We launched our DoYogaWithMe Studio App for Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV in September 2020 and we’ve noticed that usage has grown steadily since then.

In this Sangha Session, we ask you about your experience with our new App. Have you used it? If so, on which platform? How has it improved your experience? Do you have any suggestions?

If you would like to learn more about the app, go here.


DoYogaWithMe Founder

I use the app on Roku TV and really enjoy it. Initially (October 2020) I had a problem logging into my account but that was resolved. The app has improved my experience a lot as it’s easier to see/follow instructions on the TV (as opposed to an iPAD or laptop). It would be nice to have an easier way to select a challenge (or day of a challenge) rather than just scrolling through a long list. This is a minor issue, though.


I have the app both on Roku and my Sony TV. I like it well enough, and I think it definitely has a lot of potential. My 2 issues are as follows:

1- The app crashes fairly often on both platforms that I use it, which is mildly frustrating, but the bigger issue for me is that when I go back to the video it starts me back at the beginning and I have to hunt for where I was and that just kind of breaks the mood for me.

2- I miss the selection of videos the main site has. I understand with a new app one needs to set limits while working out bugs, but I definitely hope you guys add more of the older videos to the app.

When the app is working well I love it because it does run smoother that mirroring my tablet to the TV which is what I mostly do right now. I find the app very easy to use, I just wish it had a larger library.


David, i love the new app. We use it in Apple TV. There are a few things that could make it more amazing like being able to book Mark sessions, not being able to read all the descriptions when you are looking at the sessions and the time out that kicks you out sometimes if you don’t start very soon after you decide on a class.
What I do love is that the buffering is gone ! I can do a whole class w/o worries of it stopping and I can stop a class and move the t irme much easier. It’s a great upgrade but it was nice to find things one the website easier.
Lucy Amarillo


@maesmith1086 @dove411 @ntrudd12 Thank you for the feedback. That helps a lot as we test it out.

I have been using the app and while it is much easier in many ways, it is not quite there yet.

*While I am thinking about what class I want, it often starts playing the class Even though I have not selected it.
If I redo a class, the next day when I open it, it may start at a random point in the class or as I hoped start from the beginning
If the class is longer than 20 minutes, I end up back on the Roku page and have to go through the whole process again
Can you add a favorites section so I don’t have to scroll through each time?
Also how is it decided what is on the app? I got up this morning ready to start one of the challenges I got an email about and it was not there. I could share my screen onto the tv and do it but it was a little frustrating because I am not sure what to do to see what I am looking for
Sorry if this sounds critical. I am a big fan and want this to be successful!

I am using a roku stick and update the firmware regularly
I have had this basic model for three years.
I really like having the app on roku

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i am so pleased there is an apple tv app. there are a few things that would really improve the experience: use bookmarks, have a page for each video that displays the info found online about each course. the app provides part of the class description and that’s it. i would love to see the description, length, etc. thanks!

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Thank you for the feedback and suggestions!


We use the app with the Amazon Firestick on our regular tv. It works very well, video quality is excellent, and have had no issues with buffering at all. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoy following along on the tv vs the computer or iPad…since it didn’t ever bother me. But it just makes it even more enjoyable (didn’t think that was possible!). I agree with others in that it would be nice to somehow have a shortcut to a challenge if currently working through one. As well, it would be nice if the next class didn’t automatically start. I rarely do two in a row and it sometimes is startling when I’ve made it into a deep relaxing state, to be “woken” by the start of a new class.

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Is there a plan to get the App on the Android Playstore so we can load it on our phone ? I would love to be able to run classes from my Samsung as it would be more portable than using the laptop !

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Hi Elena,

Yes!!! The app will be availible in the next few weeks and we will update the community as soon as it is available.


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Yes the apple app has been a huge help as far as buffering goes. There are a few things that would help make it even better: bookmarks of favorites, full descriptions of classes. They start playing in the top right corner automatically when I’m reading about the class( distracting) but then when you select it you have to start it all over again. Sometimes the videos don’t want to stop in a particular place and I have to go out of the app and the apple TV and disconnect it to reboot. It happened again recently and found I needed to update my apple TV and that fixed the issue as well. Overall I have found I use both the website for more detailed information and the app to actually stream the classes. It would be great to have the APP mirror more the online experience as well. Overall I LOVE IT but just like a house, it always needs updates!

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My Roku TV (when I log in on my computer) indicates that DYWM app is installed on my device. But it does not appear on my TV screen under my channels. I can search for it and find it on my Roku TV device, but if I try reinstalling, it gives me an error. I tried to find a way to uninstall/remove it from my Roku TV account but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do it. Do you have any suggestions?

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties, technical questions are best sent to our contact us team. I will reach out and see what they can offer!