Feedback needed on our new video streaming service!

Hello everyone!

We are moving over to a new video streaming service and would like to know how they are playing for you. Below are a few that we have already converted. If you have a moment, play through one and let us know how it goes by posting below:


DoYogaWithMe Founder

Aha! So that is what happened. For the first time I experienced difficulty casting to my television using chromecast: the video would play on my computer but simply freeze when I tried to cast. This was a few days ago so I will check again soon to see if it is ongoing.


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The Helen Camista video I tried had streaming interruptions and never did before.

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Played the prana breathing - no issues. Last week I was playing a video and it kept streaming preventing me from finishing the whole thing - hope this service works better!
thanks :slight_smile:

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Wow, fantastic! We live rural and have limited monthly streaming capabilities. We run out of streaming time every month and when in this throttled state, doyogawithme videos are super slow and snag regularly. Just this morning I had to give up on a video I was in the middle of, ugh so frustrating! So when I saw this notification, I was super doubtful. After all, I couldn’t even make it through a 30 minute video this morning. But!!! I just went through and did all three of your test videos, and despite the throttled state of our internet, all three played smoothly and didn’t snag once! Super impressed and super excited. Didn’t realize this was possible. Thank you very much! If you ever need more testing done, I’m happy to do it :sun_with_face:

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PS…Will you be announcing as you convert them over video by video or will you end up converting them all at once?

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Great! Video streamed flawlessly (unlike the old system).

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Thank you for the feedback! This is really helpful.

This streaming service should be much better than our old one. It’s faster and much more reliable when streaming to anyone, regardless where you live. The player takes a moment at the beginning to get a sense of the speed on your end and adapts so there is little chance of the video pausing or freezing.

We will be moving everything over to this system at the same time and we’re aiming to complete the work by October 30th.

@soniamyre, I’ll ask them about casting from our site. This is, however, ultimately a move that will allow us to create an app that will make casting to your TV super easy.

@gardner_girl, can you keep me updated on your experience with it? If it continues we can see what the issue is.

@Tom.Hayden @susiethirteen @healthiswealth.erin Great to hear that! This is what we were hoping for. It should stream far better than our old player.

I had intermittent issues with streaming videos stopping before. This was usually after I let the video sit open in a tab on my browser (Chrome on MacOSX) overnight and then wanted to do the same workout again. I can’t tell right away if the new video player will do that. If I have trouble, I’ll answer back here.

One thing that is sorely missing in my opinion is the ability to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to skip ahead 5 or 10 seconds. This is the standard offered with YouTube. The old player allowed skipping ahead by 1 second (which was tedious but usable); now the arrow keys do nothing.

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That explains the issues I experienced for the first time with this video last week:

The first few minutes blanks in and out with a dark screen. Then the video itself kept freezing up, never continuing no matter how long I left it. Finally my entire browser (Chrome) froze completely and I had to close and open it to start over. This happened several times before I finally gave up.

I had limited time and ultimately was not able to complete the workout, which is the first time that has happened. Very frustrating.

Otherwise love your terrific content, gorgeous scenery, and excellent instructors! Thank you

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So much better. Thank you. Much faster and smoother than with Vimeo.

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The current video service tends to freze in chrome as well as in Firefox from time to time with downstream capacity not the issue but probably due to weak WLAN. So any future service that is optimized for lower bandwidth is great.
On a different note: I bought two videos but only one is available through gumroad. And I had to redownload that several times already. Not sensible as I bought it for off-line use! But beside that, how does the switch affect this service?

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Seems to work just fine. I occasionally have the videos bog down, but not on a regular basis. I did the short one of the new converted ones and it went smoothly

On another topic… can I include this here?!? I have been a member for years but for the first time have recently joined one of the challenges. I have been loving getting the links to specific classes sent to me in an email! Motivates me to get on the mat before the next one comes. Takes away the chore of me making a decision of which class, exposes me to new teachers and styles. I would love to have a “challenge” put together of the different styles of yoga. I like the idea of having 2-3 classes in a row of each as I think it is easier to feel the effect on my body with multiple sessions. Kind of like an intro to the different styles but an experiential one and not talking about it so much. thanks for considering this.
Mardell Gunn
BTW I tell many people about DYWM as I SO support what you do and how you operate. I encourage them all to subscribe as a way to support your efforts


The new streaming service is much better!

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Hi there, I always play the videos directly in my browser (Chrome on Mac OS) as I don’t have a TV to use chromecast etc. Something I’ve wanted for a long time from these videos (which I was hopinb would come with the update) is for the spacebar to be active as a pause/play button, as it is in YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix.

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@jeff.washcloth We’re looking into adding that feature, along with a few others, to this new player. I’ll post in this thread with the updates.

@jennifersakash I’m sorry to hear about the problems you had. Can you switch your browser and try it?

@gilbergc Great!

@Captain_Jack Yes, this new service will be optimized for lower bandwidth so the videos should stream much better for you. Can you tell me which videos you purchased for download and I’ll help you with that?

@mardiz Sure, you can include it here! Great feedback, thanks. It’s an interesting take on a challenge and well received. Thank you so much for spreading the word and supporting us!

@duke_bball_1 Fantastic!

@sameslucy We’re looking into adding that feature too.

Thanks for the feedback, team DYWM!!!

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I should note that I stream the classes on my Fire TV, so the browser is the Amazon Silk browser.

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Hello again, I’d like to add something else which isn’t related to the streaming host, but it would be great if if you could consider this in the future:
Would it be possible for the saved bookmarks page to be a bit more intuitive? Currently bookmarks are listed alphabetically, and you can’t see the ‘notes’ without opening each individual bookmark. It would be super useful to be able to choose to order them by date saved, and also for the main bookmarks page to show a preview of the notes.

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Hello again, @sameslucy. We’re working on something to enhance the ability to keep track of classes. Your request has helped and I passed it onto our developer to consider.

Hi again. Good news: I tried the video again on the same browser, and all appears to be working fine now! Thanks

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