Maintaining your practice over the festive period

There are plenty of distractions around this time of year to affect the usual daily routine. I was wondering whether like me others find it more challenging to find time to practice. Do you still manage to make it onto the mat? If so how do you do it? Or do you recognise that it’s time to prioritise family and festivities over all else and accept that you will get back on the mat to your practice in the new year?

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It hasn’t always been this way for me but lately, on the odd day I haven’t been able to practice, I have been left feeling out of sorts. That leads me back to the mat. For some much-needed self-love and healing. That usually gets me back on track.


I don’t sweat it! I will be away from home for 2 weeks visiting family and I know I will miss my practice, but I won’t let it bother me and will just resume when life becomes normal again! Usually falling out of routine tends to stress me out but I refuse to let it this time! :slight_smile: