Sangha Session 33: Do you prefer to do yoga alone or with others?

Let us know how you prefer to practice yoga - by yourself or with others. I like both for different reasons - on my own to really go inward and focus on my inner experience. With others to be more motivated and maybe push myself in ways I wouldn’t on my own.

I suspect many of us love both for a variety of reasons. For me, practicing with others fosters connection and support (both online and in person). I love that we show up for each other, and I especially enjoy breathing audibly together. Practicing solo fosters connection with whatever we choose to focus on (actually, I suppose that is true of in-person practice with others too). For me that can be focusing on body sensations, directing the attention, challenging myself a bit, expressing kindness and care for this person, etc.


I enjoy both but especially the live streaming classes that are offered, sort of like practicing with others (but in my own space). The live classes help motivate me to show up at a certain time, and then I can revisit those that are posted. I applaud DYWM for offering such a wide variety of offerings for users of all levels!


I like practicing alone with DYWM because of the consistency – I can practice every morning exactly when I’m ready, choosing a length that works for me each day. I do enjoy an occasional class or retreat to make those connections, but I really get more challenge and what I need each day from my home practice.


I have not missed in-person yoga classes at all. I would have never started an at home practice before the pandemic, and I found the discipline, preferences and depth I did not have with in person classes. I solidified my practice bc it is solitary. My life is extremely other-oriented, so I rely on my introvert preference to be in my own body and space in yoga with so many of the DYWM teachers. That said: when Rachel did a live class it was a treat to be charged up energetically for what felt like a celebratory special event online.

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I am really enjoying this too! I will be offering a monthly live stream flow that is related to the asana lab each month!