Yoga as a lifestyle or fitness routine?

I had an interesting conversation with the owner of a yoga studio recently. She was discussing her concerns with online yoga classes and she didn’t feel that it was appropriate for people to do yoga by themselves off of a video or online. Her concern was the instructors in these videos just “show off” with hard poses and people potentially getting hurt from not receiving proper instruction.
The conversation eventually morphed into yoga as a lifestyle vs yoga as fitness.

In my opinion, yoga is very in vogue right now and as a result it is often considered fashionable or stylish and has become expensive. There has also been a lot of new yoga studios and instructors popping up and I feel that sometimes there is a factory of cookie cutter yoga teachers coming out with a basic amount of training and then proceeding to teach. Many studios and classes are solely focused on fitness. Now this is not always the case or is bad in any way but it is part of the reason I personally stay away from some studios.

I personally don’t find much difference for myself to do yoga online or in studio. I have done quite a bit of yoga and am aware of my capabilities, however some people may not be. But that said, people get injured in class as well from improper instruction. I do have yoga instructors I will work with individually or in a group as I need to.

I choose to mostly do daily yoga at home as a lifestyle practice. For me yoga is not just a physical practice but there are also a spiritual and social aspects that I try to practice as well. Part of that lifestyle is I don’t necessarily feel it is appropriate to pay $22+ for a studio class.

I am not intending for this discussion to be about yoga studio vs online but I am interested in other’s thoughts about yoga as a lifestyle vs a fitness program.


I do yoga as fitness and do it with streaming videos only. I’ve been doing yoga off and on since the 70’s. Having taught fitness classes in the past and with the training I took, there is so much overlap with the techniques. Not sure why anyone would need an instructor present to coach unless it is all new to them. I love DoYogaWithMe. DYWM addresses all the components required to do a safe in-home practice with some lifestyle aspects too.


I do yoga for fitness and a life style choice. I find it difficult to maintain focus in a room full of people and some times the ego can get in the way. Doing yoga at home helps me be present and improves meditation.


I see yoga as a total wellness regime. Something that one can take throughout any tasks in life. This may sound odd to city folk, but when I’m out in the forest where I live in Yukon Canada, I use breathing techniques as I hike in the hills or even squat for a pee.

I take one day a week in a live yoga class and three to four others with do yoga with me. There is nothing cookie cutter about it. And it has several teachers showing you the full benefits of yoga as a lifestyle choice.

I don’t see yoga as a fitness exercise, that comes later in the day or the week. Yoga just makes me happy and also proud.


i also do yoga from 2 months and i’m removed my stress.


To me it’s precisely the combination of the 2 aspects that makes it so great! I don’t like sport without philosophy, nor the opposite…
I practice in a studio also, but I have difficulties to fine a teatching I really like near my home. Online teaching allows me to choose the style and intensity I look for, which is great, to test new ways, and to be more relaxed about timing. Studio is great when I am in a low energy though, to stay on track.
Take care :slight_smile:


It began as a fitness routine for me but has now become a lifestyle choice and i am so thakful for that.

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For me it’s a fitness , stretching and breathing exercise. I do like the de-sressing element but I’m really not into the pseudo-philosophy that you get with some teachers.

I’m completely with you on the exorbitant cost of some studio classes, particularly when this is not coupled with quality but just a fancy studio and LuLuLemon gear.

On balance I think a well-run class (with all that implies) is still better than online, but online is infinitely better than a poor class: I love the DYWM videos and it would take a pretty great studio class to top the quality offered here.

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I do yoga as part of my spiritual well being and growth. For me yoga is a life style. I feel yoga helps me to keep grounded, focused and relaxed. I look forward to my time on my yoga mat. I start my day with yoga. It invigorates me.


That’s great, @C_chuku! I also typically start my day with yoga. It helps me feel energized and focused.