Sliding hands in downward dog


Aloha! I find sometimes when I’m really flowing during a class-especially a kicky one with Fiji-my palms get really sweaty and sometimes slide a bit in downward dog. This especially happens when I do 3 legged dog. I have a good mat. Could this be a form thing, or maybe just yoga in the tropics challenge?:sunny::palm_tree:


I noticed having the same issue in downward dog. I realized it was humidity. My mat came with a rosin bag. I dust my feet and hands, and this seems to resolve the issue for me.


Thanks for the idea!


Yes, what percevial said. I’d also like to add that there are mats made to deal with sweat. Do a search on ‘hot yoga mats’ to find them. We also wrote an article last fall called 10 Best Yoga Mats of 2017 which analyzes our favorite 10 yoga mats, including which mats are great for sweat and which aren’t.

The thing about hot yoga mats is that they generally don’t work (they are REALLY slippery) unless the mat is wet or you are sweaty. That is why many choose to go with a non-hot yoga mat and use a rosin bag when they sweat.


It wouldn’t suit everyone but I got some fingerless non-slip yoga gloves from eBay. They adsorb sweat and the palms have the non-slip surface. I use them when in hotels when I’m not able to take a mat with me.


The mat I purchased was one from the article. I thought it was neat that it came with a rosin bag.


Aloha! I had the same problem with sliding until I switched to a 100% cotton yoga mat. It does not slip and has no odor. You can give it a try. I purchased it from FabricDome.


I was taught in an ashtanga class to hold your hands at 45 degrees instead of facing straight in front of you. So in other words the thumb and forefinger are creating a v shape, the fingers facing slightly out from the body. I find that helps to stop sliding quite a bit.


Hiya! I had the same problem and what I found was ‘Yoga Gloves’. They are fingerless material gloves with grippy little dots on the palm sides. Some people don’t like them because they say that the material cuts into the webbed parts of their fingers becoming uncomfortable. Personally, I have found them okay, but I’m not doing strenuous Yoga. Nonetheless, they are inexpensive and can be found on online shopping sites. (Unbranded gloves are far cheaper) Plus, you can get ‘Yoga Socks’ as well if slippery feet are also an issue. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I had that same problem, even with one of the recommended “sticky” mats. I’ve invested in a yogitoes yoga towel and love it! Pricey yes, but I wouldn’t practice without it now.