Stiff back every morning I spite of following yoga, cardio, weight training regularly

Hi Fiji,

Every morning I wake up to a stiff back which becomes OK after some warm up…, Hot water or caffeine… How can I address this?

I have been working out for years, yoga, cardio, weights, pilates etc… But do have stiff hips and back.

I also get cold induced chilblains where my fingers swell up due to cold.

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I’m so sorry you’re experiencing pain! :frowning: Thus may or may not help, but every morning as soon as I get out of bed, I do a forward good with my knees bent a bit to ease into the fold easily. I then am able to straighten out my legs and fold deeper into it. It has helped with my stuff back and hips each morning.

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To Follow Duke, yes I am sorry to hear your are struggling in the mornings. There are many possible reasons for the stiffness that would be worthy of exploration to help ease the discomfort. As people age this is often experienced, your bed can contribute, as well as your sleeping position. A misalignment in your back can be a factor or even arthritis as a possibility so try to look into the why as well as the fix.

My teacher has a practice of going into a very hot shower everymorning if his back is stiff, as he had to recover from a pretty serious injury with a disc. The heat can help loosen some of the inital discomfort and allow you to do some movement that will help it heat up internally.

In yoga try keeping a bend to your knees in all your folds for a few weeks to see if that helps the aggrivation ease.

Hope you find soem of this helpful,


You could try a heating pad. Sounds like you have poor extremity circulation in the hands. Do your feet get cold , swell or cramp; how are the veins in your legs? If compermised,you could ask your doctor about trying a light compression , full pantyhose to improve circulation like 15-20, Contrast therapy is very effective with 5 minutes of ice then heat for five, cycling at least 3 times, but be attentive to how your back likes the ice since your hands are very sensative. I love the homeopathic oitment Trameel from BHI. Definitely keep up with the cardio for you circulation and stretch and be careful not to push your body too deep in the back stretches. Listen to your back and take the stretch just to where you start to feel it, so much but not too much.

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Hello, if you have looked into all the other avenues - perhaps your bed is in an area of geopathic stress - have you tried moving it, or sleeping elsewhere? Perhaps also there is a lot of electropollution around your bedroom? Best wishes in finding a good solution for yourself.

My gosh. My typos are awful in that last post. I mean to say a gentle forward fold with my knees generously bent. I also meant to say stuff back and knees.