Suggestions for very stiff muscles on right side back, neck and hip

Looking for which classes to take.
I’m really appreciating and enjoying your website! I thought I’d send in an email just to ask about other classes I might try. I’ve really been enjoying Melissa’s Bend and Stretch class and have tried to do it almost every morning (not every one, but many) to start my day and release my very stiff muscles. I’ve been doing yoga classes once a week off and on for quite a few years now, but before the covid isolation began, my yoga teacher (down the street) broke her leg, (sadly) so I’ve just stopped which wasn’t really very good. Because of the extra time I thought it’d be great to spend more time exercising (as I used to before I got so busy), so I signed up for online fitness classes for strength training (some hand weights and body weight exercises). Unfortunately my muscles were not impressed and reacted strongly, thus causing a lot of stiffness and some pain. I knew I should have been stretching more and was so frustrated with how things went. Long story short, I’m surprised at how long this stiffness is lasting all on my right side of my back with a lot in my neck, middle back and hip-causing my quadricep to pull as well! (these are issues that are not brand new, I’ve had in the past but not all at the same time!)

This is why I chose the beginner stretching class, trying to release the muscles. Normally I would have gone for massage therapy, but of course can’t right now.

So finally, I’m asking if there are other classes on the website that you might recommend to me. I of course realize, you and the website can not “treat” people for issues or probably give direct advice, but I do appreciate any input you might have as there are myriads of choices here to select from. I found the one class that seemed really good so just kept doing that. I’ve also done the IT band stretch, and the neck release which I should probably get back to.

Anywhere that’s where I’m at here and as I say, this website is so kind to allow 2 months of free use, it’s been great so far, though I took awhile to really get going into it!

Thanks for reading,

Heather Allen


Hi Heather.

Thanks for sharing. I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a few classes that you like.

You’re right, it’s difficult to suggest specific classes based on tightness or weakness in a few areas, without meeting you in person. However, you can simply modify your practice to accommodate what is happening in your body. For example, do one of Melissa’s classes, but spend a bit more time on the side of the body that is tighter. It’s that simple.

Have you done her 7-day challenge, by the way? It’s very good. You can find it on our Yoga Challenges page.

Take care,


Hi David, Thanks very much for replying. That helps to narrow down the choices from the very many wonderful videos your website offers. I’ll definitely checkout the 7 day challenge.
and thanks for your straight forward answer as well, I will be patient with my muscles, and hope they release as I make the goal to be consistent with a daily practice.
Many thanks,
Heather Allen

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Your welcome, Heather. Feel free to follow up with me once you’ve given them a try.