Iyengar back bending bench

I have been experiencing tight muscles in my left glut for about a year and sometimes it wakes me up at night. I went for a acupressure massage and before I even mentioned it she found the tight muscles in my bum on that side. She worked on it but recommended that I do more backbends as part of my practice. No problem there, I love backbending! I’m wondering if anyone has used the Iyengar bench for backbends. It feels great when I’ve used it in the past and now I’m thinking of getting one of my own. I’ve always wanted one and it would encourage me to do more backbending…. Any ideas? Thank you, doyogawithme community!

I have not used an Iyengar bench but I have used a yoga wheel for backbending and find it incredibly useful in adding more mobility the the different areas of the spine! They are easy to find now and many studios are carrying them for students to try out. I am curious if the tight bum muscle you are reffering to is your piriformis? This little guy gets super angry when the sacroiliac joint is out. This is common especially in yogis

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Fiji, I have been looking into buying a yoga wheel. What kind and brand would you recommend? I would be using it when I am stiff and doing wheel pose…

Fiji - It could well be piriformis, I remember once a massage therapist digging in to it and I yelped in pain! Are there poses to address this? Thanks!

Hip openers are great, so is massage and using rolling balls on the pain points for deep release! Pigeon or figure 4 are a great place to start!

Hi Fiji, Susan here again about the achy - possible piriformis? - muscle. Yoga teachers always tell me I have very open hips and do deep pigeon poses and fire log pretty easily. Is this a possible clue? My trainer also mentioned ball rolling looking for trigger/pain points and I”ve started that but maybe need to spend more time on it.

A roller is a great idea as you can get more specific as to where the pain is coming from. It would be interesting to find out if you are so open in the hips. If that is the case you may even have some bursitis going on in the hip joint. Perhaps becuse you are so mobile!