Upward Dog Pain

Does anyone else have pain in the back upper thigh when doing upward dog? I never used to have any pain, but it is very noticeable now. If yes, anyways to adjust the pose to help? Thank you!

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I haven’t experienced this yet. I do upward dog a lot. Maybe it is the result of another pose but only felt in upward dog. I put a lot of energy in my upper body fir this pose.

Right now I’m dealing with sensitive knees. I think I’m over doing it. Now I’m just doing restorative yoga in addition to my trail hiking until my knees get back to normal.

I do yoga 5 times a week for about one hour. What about you?

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If you are experiencing pain in the back of your upper thigh in upward facing dog, it could be because you’re not activating your core enough. Try moving into it more slowly, while working hard at tucking your tailbone down the whole time.