Virasana and malasana pose issues due to knee problems

I have had surgery on my left knee years ago due to a torn meniscus, and I have minor arthritis in both knees at 49 years old. What are adaptations, if any, that can help me be able to do these poses? I have no problem with child pose, but sitting back in virasana is painful, as is trying to do malasana. Thanks in advance!

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Hello there.
Yes, it’s important to protect those knees. I filmed a video on Virasana that you may want to check out: Yoga for Absolute Beginners: Virasana. The idea is that you raise you hips to take pressure off both your knees and ankles. You can also place a rolled up blanket under your ankles.

Malasana is a different case - it’s difficult to avoid pressure on the knees and ankles in this one. For the knees, you will need something that’s high enough to support your hips, to lift them up a bit. For your ankles, you can place a folded blanket or block under your heels.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Thank you, David. I just watched the video on Virasana. I have a bolster that should work well, and I’m going to try the block on top of the bolster to raise the hips. Thanks again.

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