What are the most significant changes you have noticed within yourself over the past years of this global pandemic?

This is a monthly focus on how yoga shows up in our lives off the mat and in our world. Teachers will guide the conversation on topics covering philosophy, deep inquiry, all related to our monthly theme.

Talking VULNERABILITY w. Andrea

The last two+ years have been HARD. And somehow it seems appealing - now that restrictions have eased - to simply move forward. As if the pandemic didn’t completely change the rhythm of our lives in such profound ways, we want to return to something that feels like “normal”.

But for many of us, this collective experience is still affecting us. We have undergone and witnessed deep personal, communal, political, cultural, systemic, global change.

So…let’s talk about it. Let’s name it. Let’s figure out how we are going to move forward.

Some other questions to consider:

  • What was the hardest part of the last two+ years of a global pandemic for you personally?

  • What did you learn about yourself during this time?

  • What challenges are you still contending with?

  • What did you gain from this time?

**If you missed the live conversation about #vulnerability between Andrea and Fiji last week, you can catch the replay on our Instagram feed: Login • Instagram