Yoga for Overweight without Kneeling?


I’ve been very concerned about my mom for sometime now, and I’m going to start doing activities with her every week.

She is 50 and quite overweight. She doesn’t move much, and therefore is rather weak. She also had a knee replacement, so she has trouble kneeling or fully bending her legs. Her other hurdle is it takes some time to move from a seated position to standing.

I’m wondering what’s the best thing to start her out with? Just redo the beginner video section in the site?

Thank you!!!

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Hello Nick.

Thanks for reaching out. It’s nice to hear that you’re helping your mom with activities.

Is she able to sit cross-legged comfortably? If she is, then we have a lot of options for her. Also, one of the advantages of doing a video is that you can pause the video, take your time to stand up, then play it again.



Hey David,

Thanks for the response. She is able to sit cross legged, or feet on the floor. I think I’ll just have to go slow, and pause as needed until she regains some flexibility and strength.

Nick W.

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Yes, and you’ll likely find a few videos that can be your ‘go-tos’, if they work well for her. You may have to commit to working through a bunch of them slowly before you find what works.

Good luck!