How to do Yoga With Injury


I was wondering how I can do Yoga with a knee injury. I can’t bend my knee. So I can’t sit crossed legged or kneel. I also had back surgery a few years ago so my lower back is also an issue.

Hi. I had a knee issue at one time too. So I did my physio exercises as prescribed by my physiotherapist, as I’m sure you’re doing too, but I incorporated some yoga without using my knees. So I worked on my upper body building strength and flexibility. I Avoided crossing my legs or kneeling at all times. This way I felt that I was still practicing yoga. There are some upper body challenges on DYWM that you can check out. I also took a week or more and just did restorative yoga which is mostly on your back and sides. I would recommend Melissa Krieger to Tianne for restorative yoga.

Instead of sitting cross legged, you can sit with your legs straight in a V shape or with one leg out and one bent, etc. I like to use a yoga blanket under my knees when doing things like cat-cow, for example. As for back issues, I’ve found that remembering to keep your lower abdominals pulled in and your pelvic floor tilted up helps in all poses. Melissa Krieger and Nyk Danu have some nice restorative classes!