Yoga Music for Yoga Practice

Hi All,

I love to have a little background music when doing my own practice and often when doing class with Do Yoga With Me (and around the home in general :slight_smile: ) I like music without lyrics and I seem to be drawn to the wooden flute.
Do you have any recommendations of musicians or albums?


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I do too! You can find this sort of thing on pandora or spotify. I usually play the “yoga workout” station, thought that has a bit more of a beat than I think you’re looking for- but on spotify you can enter “relax” or “meditation” and you’ll get a ton of playlist options. Enjoy!

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Hi Nicole

I love wooden flute music by Marina Raye. She plays native American inspired music, often only flute, very gentle and meditative music. Often some bird song in the background and she has one album with whale song and her flute. My absolute favourite. She also has some music that is more lively with gentle drum etc… You can google her!

Loving Greetings
Annette Maincon


Thank you so much Annette. This is what I’m after :slight_smile: I am not the biggest fan of nature in the background when teaching but Marina has some lovely music with and without it.

If you love wooden flute listen to Sacred Earth - Breathing Space album. It is divine and when I teach it is what I often use.

Nicole :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh thank you!:rose: Love Sacred Earth Breathing Space! I often listen to Hariprasath Chaurasia, who plays classical Indian flute music. However the tempo always increases which makes it less interesting for me in a meditation context…Seems Sacred Earth remains meditative all through​:blush: Personally I do not use music when doing yoga, it is a time for me to totally listen deeply into myself and my direct surroundings. However I have times where I like sitting or moving to very peaceful music… And I also give healing intuitive aromatherapy like treatments. Here I have mainly used Marina Raye music. :yellow_heart:

Love and Light Greetings☀️


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Have you tried yogitunes? It’s a great music resource, similar to itunes, but dedicated to yoga/meditation music.

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I have started looking into this recently too. There are some good playlists on Spotify but I haven’t yet checked out yogitunes; will do this today. I also like to make my own playlists based on a ‘mood’!

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