Musing about Music! The topic of discussion for May!

In studios we often gravitate towards teachers who have a style that lights us up from within, and music can play a part in that. Music can help with the ebb and flow of energy in different parts of a class and can keep our minds engaged in the present moment. For some of us, music is more of a distraction and pulls our mind out of the body or disrupts the focus on breathing.

What do you think? We have added playlists to some of our classes, which are optional to use of course. Do you like this and would you like to see more added? This is the question on our monthly poll, you can submit your official vote here:

I would like to see more chanting options too. Music from within styley. Possibly around the chakras. Although maybe that already exists on the site. I am not entirely sure.


Music within the video is lovely , I love it. Spotify requires a monthly payment so not as good because the free membership has ads . But my favourite music is the sounds of the ocean rolling over the rocks and birds chirping in the background as can be found on the beach and outdoor videos. I really, really love that, it does light me on the inside as you say. ;o)

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I think chanting would be a great addition.

I like to do the videos without music if they are new to me, and using musical selections when I’m already familiar with that routine or if I’m just doing my favourite asanas on my own. So, an occasional playlist is very welcome.

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There is a bit of this in the 7 day chakra healing challenge, especially in day 5!


I did day 5, I really liked it especially fish pose. Feeling much more open in my fifth chakra now…thank you : ))

I do wish you would make more videos with music IN them instead of accompanying playlists. I miss that. I find myself going back to some of the older classes that have music in them. For me, it’s relaxing and adds to my practice. I don’t like having to use Spotify or playlists in addition, although I know many here do. :slight_smile:

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