Variations for people who are pigeon-toed

I am pigeon-toed (feet turn in)(*this is a bone torsion, not muscular so please don’t try to give me “fixes” for it).

There are many poses that call for a foot turn-out. Many are manageable, some are not, or not always.

So can you give alternatives for times when it is truly a challenge (there is one pose I don’t know the name of in the yoga for legs video: knees wide/feet behind and splayed out/hands in front) that is one of the harder ones to manage.

Alternatives would be appreciated.


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Hi there. Thanks for the question.

When the issue is a physical limitation that is caused by body structure, you’re limited to working within the framework that your body as established for you. So, when doing a squat, the pose you are describing, listen to the teacher’s guidance but only do what the body is comfortable with (ie. turn the feet and knees out only as much as your bones will allow). You will still get an opening and it will be appropriate for your body.

That’s it. Honor your body’s limitations and work from there. Let me known if you have any more questions.

Take care,

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