Yoga tips for long haul flights?


hi! I’m about to do a series of long haul flights and wondered if anyone had recommendations for yoga poses with limited room? I’m a newbie to the yoga world and loving it, but I tend to tighten up when stationary for prolonged periods of time.
So this flight I intend to join the folk stood by the toilets or blocking the gangway trying to get my yoga fix when able.
Cheers, Sair


Hello, Sair.

That’s great! I love the image of you doing yoga in the aisle. Why not? Gotta get the body moving!

I really think you could do quite a bit in the aisle - lots of standing postures would do and they may be the best for your body, considering you’ve been sitting for so long and it would make it easier to move out of the way if need be. I would say test it out and see what works.