A Question about warming up before stretching

Hello , I have a lot of very tight muscles these days, and strangely, increased tightness. I absolutely love your website and have been trying to do yoga, about 4 days or more a week, mostly the beginner videos. But I’m always wondering if one should warm up the body and muscles by walking first or doing some other kind of warm up to get the circulation going? There is sometimes a time constraint - first a walk and then yoga takes a lot longer and in the morning it’s tricky to spend that much time.
Thoughts on warming up before yoga? love to all ;o)

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Warming up before yoga is something you can do if it is helpful especially if time is a factor. The opening sequence in many classes is designed to warm up the body, that being said this is often taking place after we have all been up and active for a while. If you practice first thing, you need longer time to ease into an opening sequence or a warm up that suits your body. There can be gifts in a practice where we are a bit stiff and tight to start with as it grabs our attention and teaches us to move in a mindful way and listen to our intuition.