How to become flexible?

Hello all beautiful people out there :slight_smile:

I am a beginner yogi and so much in love after doing regular yoga for last 2 months. I have been a gym person for may years and find Yoga life changing. It has made me kinder, calmer person.

I enjoy every beginner class and about to finish the 30 days challenge. However, I find it very difficult to bend my back forward and touching my tows, side banding is not too bad. I realize that my arms are also not very strong, cant do the pushups.

I will appreciate your help on how to make my body more flexible. Thanks.

Love and peace to all!


It can be difficult to answer a question like that, since everyone is so different, but in general flexibility and strength improve through repetition. So you may want to choose one goal and work towards that by choosing the classes that seem to have that as a theme. Does that make sense?

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I think this is just what most people feel when they are new to yoga. If you do 20 mins every day you will be surprised how fast you build up strength and flexibility.

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Also I think Yin classes are the best way to build flexibility. I try to do at least two a week.

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I’d say too that doing the 30 day challenge is an excellent way of building strength and flexibility over a sustained period. It’s the kind of programme you could do again and again without tiring of it. I agree that Yin classes can be very good for building flexibility, just watch those joints when holding poses for longer periods and ease yourself in and out of poses very carefully.

Keep up the good work. It just keeps getting better over time…


Thanks for your suggestions David. I have not given up and trying to do different yoga challenges for beginners. It is exciting and I think I am getting better, slowly but I am hoepful.

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