Sangha Session 16: "What is the biggest thing that you feel our site is missing, the one thing you wish we had?


Our website and our community are constantly growing. One of our challenges is maintaining a strong connection to you, a connection that invites you to tell us why you want to do yoga with us and what would make your experience on our site even better.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us! What is the biggest thing that you feel our site is missing, the one thing you wish we had?


I was just thinking I’d love a way to organise my bookmarked classes! I have so many bookmarked now that it’s pretty pointless even doing it… it would be great if once I’ve bookmarked them I could then categorise them so that I can easily get to what I want. Whether or not this could be a free text filter (so we could all name our own groups in our own bookmarks depending on what we’re after) or some pre-set options, or even just filters in the list…? I don’t know if it’s possible but it would be awesome :slight_smile:


I bet there is a lot on the site that I don’t know is there yet!

I would love to see a calendar in the personal account, so that you could keep track of which classes you’ve done when. (Not hourly, just daily would be enough I think?) For instance, if you chose a program, you could say “start program on Feb. 1, add to calendar” and the classes from the program would fill in on the appropriate days beginning on whatever day you choose, with links to the class. That way you don’t have to remember you are on day 16 of X challenge, you just open your calendar and follow the link. Once you finish watching a class, you could “add to calendar” and the calendar would keep track that you’d done it. Future classes and finished classes would probably have to be differentiated somehow (such as classes in the future greyed out until you’ve done them).

If this were implemented, there are a lot of other things that could be added to it, such as messages/ badges (“you’ve done yoga 60 days in a row! Congratulations!”) or total minutes (“In the month of February you did 30 hours 25 minutes of yoga”) etc. I am not in general a huge fan of gamifying things but I believe that there is some evidence that not breaking a “chain” of instances is considered helpful in creating habits.

I would also personally love to see recommendations such as “if you liked this class, you might like…” or “other people who did this class also like…”

And at the same time, I want to emphasize that imho DYWM should not implement anything that might compromise the privacy of site members without their consent. (Eg, calendars could be public so that members can find others who have similar tastes/practices, but it should be optional).


We actually think it is quite a well-designed website. It may already be a feature that we have missed (we have just started this week), but some form of achievement system might be cool. You know, “you have completed 5 sessions,” sort of thing, or “you have completed the beginner’s course.” We find that sort of stuff satisfying.

Thanks for the yoga!

Nick and Sarah


I love DoYogaWithMe! And I’m incredibly grateful for the variety of classes and how careful each teacher is.
One thing I appreciate on other sites is a kind of “related”/“complimentary” list at the bottom of the page for individual classes. So if I’ve just done an beginner class with Rachel on hips, a list of other hip classes, or key classes. I guess a bit like youtube does but less in your face…(I guess really I’m thinking of this as an example: - “related posts”)
But really it’s so wonderful! Thank you!


I would love to see more advanced or intermediate classes over 60 minutes.


Love love love what you’re doing. I’m so grateful. If I had to think of something I would say more Pilates or a Pilates challenge. Also, are you familiar with Sam Harris? If so, someday somehow I would love to hear him interview you. Thanks for everything you do!


Yes, I also would like to be able to organize bookmarks into categories.


Hello David
Thank you for making my life better. I really appreciated what you offer and I’ve been using this platform since 2017 started with 30days challenge and I am addicted since than.

I would love to have improved calendar features also.
Plus I would like to have search parameter for body parts, upper back lover back, abs, arms etc. And so i can create a workout schedule targeted my own needs.

Greetings from Istanbul


Dear DYWM team,
First of all thank you SO much for such dedication and great quality in your classes. Often online class system are businesses or turn out to be sports class to be XX-er. I love that your classes are for the sake of doing yoga and meeting ourselves rather than fitting aesthetic standards.
It is already a feature in certain classes but I would love if we could choose classes per theme/direction: e.g. for stress relief, opening up to love & compassion, welcoming fears, finding the silence within you, that sort of thing. namaste from Berlin! Aude


I LOVE the calendar idea here. I like to “schedule” out my classes a week or so in advance so that I don’t have to think too much about which one I want to do when I get on my mat. I like the idea of being able to keep them in a calendar. This would also help me ensure that the lengths/difficulties are spread out accordingly over the course of a week.


I also like the idea of a calendar that keeps track of what classes we’ve done and when. I would also like a warning if a class has a lot of demands on the knees or other sensitive areas (low back, shoulders, neck, etc) to signal that maybe this class isn’t the right one for me.

I share the sentiment of the group that DYWM is awesome and I’m thrilled to be a part of the community!



I love this site!!

I would love:

  1. to be able to organize my bookmarks.

  2. to have more “advanced” beginner classes. I find that the beginner classes can be too easy and the jump to “intermediate” is too much!

  3. I would like to see some separate videos (i.e. Not as part of a class, but as an info session so that we can use the adaptations during a class) that deal with how to adapt poses or use props to help people with joint issues or other physical restrictions.

Thank you for all you do!


Basically, I love a challenging, well-rounded class, but…I’m often looking for classes that focus on a specific body part. Sometimes my spine needs more mobility, other days it’s my hips. And some days I feel like I need to spend some time on building more upper body strength. I realize that the titles of the classes are somewhat indicative of what the class will focus on, but it’s hard to sift through class titles in the morning when I’m choosing which class to do. Would it be possible to add more categories under the “style” filter? For ex…spine, core, upper body, etc. Oh! Also…I love the kundalini classes. Will more be coming?


Great feedback, everyone. Keep it coming!


A way to search for yoga classes by title or word would be very helpful. There are classes that I want to revisit and it can take a long time to scroll through my bookmarks or even through the classes by a specific teacher with the time filter. Thank you!


There are a few things I would love to see! I didn’t read all the comments so apologies if I’m repeating anything:

Would love them to be displayed as video thumbnails like the classes are displayed instead of the list they are in now. Plus a way to organize them.
Would like to see any notes displayed in the list instead of needing to click the notes link (or at least the first few lines).
Would like a way to search my bookmarks but with the search function suggestions listed below.

Class Search:
A way to search multiple criteria from each drop-down option at once, e.g. Gentle Yoga + Restorative Yoga, or 0-20 min + 21-40 min, etc.
A way to search by body part, condition, or concern, e.g. chest, lower back, carpel tunnel, tension headache, anxiety, depression, etc. Or even search by a specific muscle/muscle group? (Would require some enhancement on the back end like adding tags to each video in the database).

Production quality has improved quite a bit in the ~4 years I’ve been using the site, but occasionally the lighting in a video can be really distracting. Classes filmed in the studio with the yellow walls are often hard to look at. So I guess my suggestion is to be aware of harsh lighting and use diffusers or other ways to soften when in that studio.
More classes that focus on specific areas, concerns, or job types. For example, upper crossed syndrome is a huge problem for office workers as well as, well, most people in the modern world, so that would be an excellent start. Yoga for massage therapists (hands, forearms, upper body), retail workers (standing and walking a lot), servers (walking, carrying heavy trays), etc. And not just lengthening tight muscles but strengthening as well.
Perhaps some more “bridge” classes between difficulty levels so if I’m not quite at the advanced level I can start transitioning without overdoing it. (Also add the new levels to the search function instead of the basic 3 that are there now)

I guess that’s all I’ve got. I’m sure I’ll think of more :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d also like to add my upvote to the calendar idea

Thank you so much! I love you guys and tell everyone I know about this site and all that you do for the yoga community. Keep it up! The world needs more of the love you guys give.


I would love to see my previous comments…sometimes I comment on classes but don’t bookmark them, and then later I find myself wondering what my thoughts were on a particular class.


I would like to adjust the videos to reduced quality. I am very far out of town and use my phone. I often have to switch to YouTube and select 140 play instead of auto, but many are new or unavailable.
I would also like to have more training for classic poses such as lotus? What is it that you do to eventually get there?
I enjoy your site and spend every morning with you! Thank you thank you thank you and namaste


Yes! Number 3, perfect
How do you get there, what is keeping me from achieving this pose.