Any PNF stretches to help with knee strength & flexibility?

hi wonderful yoga teachers.
I have a question about knees. Sometimes I twist my knee and and then I have some soreness. Right now I am recovering from a twisted knee which is almost gone but I am looking for proactive stretches and strengthening to help prevent this.

My question is, which of the PNF stretches are good for this? I have tried PNF for a stiff lower back and it worked great. I can’t tell from all the hip, thigh etc PNF stretches which ones are best for this issue.

Thank you David for the wonderful PNF stretches videos!

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The PNF classes are such a wonderful way to understand how to increase our flexibility in a safe way. This type of stretching is also very useful when recovering from a knee injury and can be used to create knee stability which will help you from injuring the joint again.

The hamstrings and quadriceps are responsible for a great deal of knee function and stability. Maintaining mobility in these muscles with PNF stretching is a great way to rehab your knee and to prevent future issues. A hamstring stretch lying on your back with a partner hoding your leg or a strap is a great way to start with the hamstings, alternating between engaging and releasing on ten second intervals.

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Thank you Fiji! (I love your classes)

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