Broken ankle- any class recommendations?

Hi Guys,

I just broke my ankle a week ago. I’d like to do some Yin Yoga Class without using my left foot but getting a bit more balanced with my whole body again. It’s kinda straining for the hips and knees to be in these special positions all the time and “relax” my injured foot.
Any recommendations?


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Hi Anja. I wish I could list a bunch of classes that will not compromise your broken ankle, but that’s a tough one. I think your best bet is to try a few yin and restorative classes.

I hope that helps.


Hi Anja, sorry to hear you’ve broken your ankle. Hope it’s healing up well by now. I have done a similar thing - badly sprained my left ankle and still unable to do any standing poses. David actually has a great video that is a deep release for the shoulders and neck - from recollection that one is all seated. This is one I plan to give a go myself :slight_smile:

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