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Hi I have been a beginner for 5 months and I now want to do challenging beginner classes but there is no category to find them. Maybe you could post a list of these classes so they would be easier to find rather than having to listen to the beginning of every class to find them. Thanks and I love your website. It has helped me to progress as a beginner at my own pace rather than trying to do classes that are way above my level.


Thank you. That’s a great suggestion. I’ll see if there’s a way to set that up so it’s easy to find.
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I suggest trying one of Tracy Noseworthy’s intermediate classes, the difficulty builds over the course of the video and she includes brief breaks (1 to 2 breaths but just enough)


Thank you for the suggestion of Tracey Noseworthy’s classes for moving into Intermediate. They are just what I was looking for. Does anyone have any other teacher suggestions? Yo the powers that be: Some sort of filter would be awesome!

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Thanks and noted! :grinning:

We have found Satiya’s classes to be challenging, and you could give those a try!

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