Where do I go after the 30 Beginners challenge?


I started off doing individual beginners classes, and then got stuck in to the 30 day beginners challenge. I had a fantastic time doing it and looked forward to getting home and taking on the class of the day. I managed all of the classes well, but didn’t know what to do when they were over. I continued with individual beginners classes again but felt no particular sense of direction and was really just picking classes at random. I then decided to have a go at the intermediate challenge. Most of the content of each of the first weeks classes were manageable, but there were parts I was completely out of my depth, and poses that I was quite nervous about.
Needing a bit of guidance.

Hi - My suggestion would be to do these shorter series of classes focusing on different themes. I’ve been practicing yoga for years and love reverting back to these classes as a refresher and a reminder of the foundations to yoga. There are some pretty challenging classes amongst them, without becoming too challenging. It’s definitely a major step up to do the intermediate series of classes so don’t rush into those until you’re really comfortable doing beginners classes. https://www.doyogawithme.com/yoga-beginners

I agree but also just pick beginners classes from the classes search or keep doing the beginners challenge over and over. Then you will work out exactly what type of class you like and eventually develop your own practice. You might decide in the future to move on to vinyasa classes or you might feel that everything you want out of yoga is in the slower paced classes.


I did exactly the same thing as you, started with the 30 day challenge and then was just picking random classes. I decided to start the 2 month Beginner progressing to Intermediate program (under the programs tab) which is 5 classes and one meditation per week. So far its been great. The pilates classes are also a great addition to develop core strength.