Choosing which challenge to do

I’ve been doing yoga off and on for over a decade. However, I’ve almost always stuck with beginner classes on this site because I’ve found that the gap between beginner and intermediate classes is huge. Last year’s beginner challenge was fine for me, but this year I’m finding it rather slow and too gentle. I’ve done the first class in the intermediate challenge, but am worried it will quickly progress to being too much for me. Help!


I think you should try the intermediate one. There is really a lot of variations with some classes being rather challenging and others very accessible to just about everyone. I think the first 5-6 days were probably the most challenging (but maybe that’s just because I hadn’t been back to the mat for a long time). Anyway, so you do cobra instead of up dog, or you laugh as your crow falls to the side. So what? I definitely can’t do everything they give me, but I do what I can and am having a blast. Don’t be intimidated by the word intermediate!

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Hi All,
I also find the gap between “beginner” and “Intermediate” too big.
I have done yoga for awhile and would consider myself an intermediate level, however I am currently dealing with knee surgery recovery and an impending knee surgery.
So, the senior level classes are too easy and too beginner, beginner is okay/easy, and the intermediate is a super jump (maybe not for a yoga teacher, but for injury recovery and a “senior” they are)
Would it be possible to develop some “advanced beginner” classes?

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There are some beginner classes that I struggle with and some intermediate that I find are very easy. I have often thought perhaps a traffic light system where for example a challenging beginner class have red light, easy intermediate green, easy advanced green etc. It would make choosing a class easier.

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Hello everyone. This is great feedback, thank you. We’ve been aware of the need for more classes that fill the gap between beginner and intermediate. We will be launching a 14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge on February 11th, which serves this purpose. It’s designed so that an intermediate student can do yoga with a beginner, and both can feel like they are being challenged by the daily classes. Here’s the link to the challenge:

14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

We’re launching it for Valentine’s Day, but it’s also a very practical challenge for folks like you, who are looking for those more challenging beginner classes without getting too hard!

I agree. I’d like to see at least one level of classes between beginner and intermediate. I’m not quite ready for most of the intermediate classes especially those beyond 30 minutes. There are only a handful of classes described as level II beginner. I need more of these before I’m ready for intermediate.

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