Chatrunga Dadasana


I have been doing Fiji’s courses for about a year now and I am having a hard time doing the chatrunga dadasana in sun salutations, even on my knees. I am unsure if I am doing it properly. Is their a video that teaches it? Let me know, as I know my arms are not shaping as I am not doing this essential step properly.

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Hey Nima, David or Fiji may well have some views on this, but I’ve done Day Two of Fiji’s 14-day challenge. If you’ve not done that, this 2nd day goes through the foundation poses, including Chaturanga Dandasana and how to transition through the pose safely as there are definitely shoulder alignment issues to consider. It’s worth checking out. In fact, the whole series is well worth doing. It’s the challenge I’m doing this month, and love it. I hope that helps.

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Yes, that’s a good video to go to for some guidance. Rachel also has a short 3-minute video that focuses on how to do chaturanga in our Yoga Tutorials section. Here’s the link:

Let me know if that helps.